4 debts 2 payments

The accountants have made it appear that the trustee is responsible for two accounting entanglements that they call "debts"; ("Debt" 1) $659.97 and ("Debt" 2) $348.89, and ask the trustee if there are any more debts (See Edward White's letter of May 19, 1992).

If it were not for some transparency, there would have been two more, and real debts; (Debt 3) $34,046 and an estimated (Debt 4) $148,484, when the IRS and the State find that no capital gains tax were paid on the Lynch note 1 payment of $125,188 to Jean O'Connell on April 21, 1991, or on the Lynch note 1 payment of $545,820 to her estate on April 21, 1992. The pattern suggests that the trustee would have been made to appear as the cause of these two debts that the beneficiaries would have to pay with penalities and interests, and which beneficiariey would pay what percent..

The fundamental issue is where did the money go, the rest is cover. Where did the $125,188 and $545,820 go?