Car as wedge dot
(This is difficult)

Can we recognize the dot for no good document for the car? All the documents for the car that the accountant's provided or allowed would create accounting entanglements. To understand why I went to another attorney; E. A. Prichard, to get advice on how to write a good document for the car, you have see through the big ball of confusion and conflict to recognize this dot.

All that is needed to create a wedge through the family is to instruct an innocent family member to instruct another family member to sign a bad document. The innocent family member trusts that it is a good document (Code of conduct, etc.) and the family member who is instructed to sign it can't convince the innocent family member otherwise. A wedge is created. An example is Edward White's first document for the car. It is ambiguous and history suggests that it would be used to create an accounting entanglement and the family made to appear at fault:

"RECEIVED of the Estate of Jean M. O'Connell, one 1988 Plymouth Station Wagon of a value of $8,000.00" 

Please judge for yourself. Is the car used as a wedge to render the family powerless and put the accountants in control? Does this look as if the accountants created a car problem before Jean O'Connell's death, prevented the family from correcting it while she was alive, brought it into her estate after her death, planted it between family members, and used it as a wedge to divide the family? And when the family [Anthony O'Connell], after failed attempts with the accountants, asks another attorney how to write a proper document to resolve the car problem, the family is made to appear as if they have two opposing attorneys, and that is used to justify shutting Anthony O'Connell out.