Accotink ( is our remaining family property and in 1989, after the surprises from the 1988 sale, I moved back to Virginia to protect it.

Jean Nader, Sheila O'Connell, and I (Anthony O'Connell as an individual) each have a 1/3 interest in Accotink and all three of us want to sell it. But the available evidence suggests that all the things and more that allowed the accountants to take over my 1988 sale are in place to take over Accotink if I enter a sales contract. The invisible carryover tools are in place and I am powerless to remove them. The pattern is to wait until the family and it's assets are vulnerable, such as after a sales contract is signed and before settlement, and takeover with surprises.

This is why I have not entered into a sales contract for Accotink since 1992. I tried to have a potential buyer do a title search on Accotink before doing a sales contract but that did not work. My sisters Jean Nader and Sheila O'Connell have been extremely patient given that they trust what the accountants have been telling them. The accountants are in control of Accotink; it's just not visible yet

Mr. E. A. Prichard of WWB&B wrote the Land Trust's1992 deed for Accotink. Can we get Kevin Greenlief to explain to WWB&B why their deed is not recognized? History suggests that if I contact WWB&B, the accountants would turn it into a two attorneys representing a divided family tool and shut me out ("As a matter of fact I am precluded as an attorney from dealing with an adverse party who is represented by counsel" - Edward White) .

Our family cannot withstand another onslaught by the accountants using innocent Jean Nader to carry out their agenda. If you look at the correspondence and documents and try to expose the accounting trails, and use common sense to connect the dots, I believe it would show that the probability of, behind a wall of secrecy, another onslaught of divide, takover, and can't find out where the money went, is approximately 100%.

I tried to go around this by having the county sell Accotink for delinquent taxes by my not paying the real estate taxes. But that did not works because someone paid enought taxes to keep it out of a tax sale. My best guess of what happned is that the accountants talked Jean Nader into paying the taxes so it would not be sold in a tax sale so the accountants could still stay in control of Accotink through their use of trusting Jean Nader.