Will or deed?

Is the last document transferring ownership of Accotink the 1975 Will at WB201 109 or the 1992 deed at Bk8307p1446? I don't understand why the Director of DTA, Kevin C. Greenlief, will not take an accountable position of this; I don't understand why he has both listed in the records; that creates a conflict from the start; it has to be one or the other. Which one is it?

If the 1975 Will is used instead of the 1992 deed it would mean that I am not recognized as the trustee for accotink, and the accountants can use trusting Jean Nader to carry out their agenda.

Mr. E. A. Prichard of WWB&B wrote the Land Trust's1992 deed for Accotink. Can we get Kevin Greenlief to explain to WWB&B why their deed is not recognized? History suggests that if I contact WWB&B, the accountants would turn it into a two attorneys representing a divided family tool and use that as a justification to shut me out ("As a matter of fact I am precluded as an attorney from dealing with an adverse party who is represented by counsel" - Edward White) .