Steven L. Best and Stephen B. Hess


Note: Neither of these Stephens's are seperate in the menu. Steven L. Best is in the reference with Joanne Barnes accounting for Dad's estate. Stephen B. Hess is in "Buyer".

1977.11.07 (Deputy Commissioner of Accounts [Stephen L. Best] to Jean O'Connell)
"You qualified as administrator of the above estate on June 18, 1975. By law you are required to file in this office, an inventory of the assets within four months of the date of qualification. You are also required to file an accounting of the administration of the estate within sixteen months of the date of qualification.
Our records indicate that neither of the above has been filed. Please submit the inventory and account, together with all vouchers in support thereof, at your earliest convenience to avoid further action on the part of this office."

1988.04.08   (Stephen B. Hess to Edward White)
"Re: Sale of the O'Connell Property to Lynch Properties Limited Partnership
Dear Mr. White:
This will confirm our telephone conversation on April 6, 1988 in which we scheduled the settlement for the above captioned transaction for 10:00 a.m., April 21, 1988 at the Tysons Corner office of McGuire, Woods, Battle & Boothe.
A checklist with the various requirements for closing will follow.
Very truly yours,
Stephen B. Hess
Anthony M. 0'Connell, Trustee
Jean Miner 0'Connell
Bill Lynch
Wayne Lynch
E. A. Prichard, Esquire
Mark C. Dorigan, Esquire"