Book 467 pages 191-196

First Court Account for the Estate of Jean O'Connell
The answers are in exposing this account

After I found our mother's memos of the accountant's instructions and realized that it was the accounatants and not her who were had created the confusion and conflicts I tried everything I could think of to try to cut through the opaque surrounding this first court account for her estate, and made an estimated 12 to 15 visits to the Commissioner of Accounts Office to look at the file. (After the 1988 sale I moved to Fairfax County to manage our remaining family property, Accotink.)

After nineteen years I believe it is fair to say that the accounting trails behind Book 467 page 191 cannot be exposed unless you have more power than the powers that prevent it. Exposure is power. A journalist who has a basic understanding of accounting could win a Pulitzer by exposing the accounting trails behind 1992 Bk467p191 and letting the public know of the patterns that find along the way.

Looking at Bk467p191 is like looking at the cover of a book. You have to open it to see what's inside; you have to expose the accounting trails. The accounting trails are covered with accounting entanglements too numerous to mention. The simplest accounting entanglement is 1,475.97 - 816.00 = 659.97. This is the accounting trail behind the items:

"Int fm Harold O'Connell Trust  ......................................... 816.00
 Debt fm Harold O’Connell Trust ....................................... 659.97 "

The accountants should be able to expose and explain the accounting trail(s) behind any of their numbers. A good test is to ask the accountants to explain their accounting trail 1,475.97 - 816.00 = 659.97 or any accounting trail for these numbers. If this can't be done I do not believe the more complicated accounting trails can be exposed.

Use innocent

If you read the correspondence and documents and connect the dots using common sense, would it show that the accountant's primarily cover is to use an innocent family member to carry out instructions that will render the family powerless against the accountants? You have to think through to the eventual consequences of the accountant's instructions. Try to imagine how much damage the accountants would inflict on the family, under the quise of protecting one family member from another, to prevent B467p191 from being exposed?

1993.10.31 (Anthony O'Connell to Jean Nader) (Copy to Sheila O'Connell)
"As you know, you and Mr. White are serving without bond as co-executors of mother's estate.
Would you please get bonded as soon as possible in order to protect our inheritance? I can not stress the importance or urgency, of getting bonded, enough. In the event that Mr. White will attempt to talk you out of it, I hope you will persevere.
Sincerely, Tony"

1993.11.05 (Edward White to E. A. Prichard, in part)
"Next, I was informed by Mrs. Nader last week that Mr. O'Connell has demanded that we be bonded. The will flatly states otherwise and to do so would be in violation of our office."