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Our mother, Jean O'Connell, was one of the most courageous persons I have ever known. She did not have a background in accounting or contract law but she had common sense. I don't remember her being intimidated by anything. She did one thing wrong; she trusted the accountants instructions and that has been made to make her and her family, rather than the accountants, appear accountable for the consequences.

History suggests that the accountants advised Jean O'Connell to not fully pay E. A. Prichard and Philip Shalloway for their services. It is unlike Jean O'Connell to not fully pay for services and our family had had a long and trusting relationship with E. A. Prichard and Philip Shalloway. Not paying someone fully for their services guarantees that the relationship with them will end. This is a flag.

Innocent Jean Nader would have been an excellent co-executor if she had not trusted the accountant's instructions. Do you think any family can survive as a family if members of the family trusts the accountant's instructions?

Freeing our family and assets from the accountant's control would require our innocent and trusting sister Jean Nader to stop following the accountant's instructions. At this point that would take personal visits from just powers. She will say what the accountants want her to say and they don't want their accounting to be exposed. Please do not buy the-family-is-the-problem-so-its-not-necessary-to-expose-the-accounting-trails. If she could be made to feel safe enough to say who is instructing her and what those instructions are, it would provide a treasure of information.

Co-executors of Jean O'Connell's Will

1974.04.11 H. A. O'Connell and Anthony O'Connell; Anthony O'Connell is sole executor after the death of H. A. O'Connell on May 26, 1975.
1985.01.03 Philip Shalloway and Anthony O'Connell
1985.05.30 Joanne Barnes and and Anthony O'Connell
1985.09.20 Edward White and [innocent] Jean Nader

Fiduciaries False accounts Recorded accounts
Will (both) by E. A. Prichard
Mom or Dad is executor. Substitute executor & trustee is Anthony O'Connell    
Dad died
1978.02.01         First
1981.04.10         Second
Will by Philip Shallow

Anthony O'Connell & Philip Shalloway

  False "lost"  
1985.01.23       False "final" Third
Will by Edward White
Anthony O'Connell & Joanne Barnes    
Codicil by Edward White
Innocent Jean Nader & Edward White    
1986.04.25       "Draft"  
1986.08.06         Fourth & final
Mom died



1988.09.06 (Jean O'Connell to Anthony O'Connell)
"Dear Tony     Sept. 6  1988
It was a treat to have your letter and especially nice typed. I never know for sure if I have read your writing correctly.
Thanks for the copy of the Accotink tax bill. I had called them (the assessment office) to find out why I haven't received it. They told me the name had been changed to Anthony M. O'Connell" but did not explain or say if you had paid it.  I am relieved to know you did pay it. Do I understand correctly that you will be paying the other half in Dec? Anyway will you let me know when you pay it in the future as I do like to be sure its paid. The rate sure has gone up!
I am sure there will be an accounting of what the trusts owes as you suggested. Before tax time I have to have much information about what money has been put in the house since we bought it in 1937.  I did the same when the county took land for the school.
We do seem to have a lot of misunderstandings.
When I said I did not want to see the place again I was not referring to how you had landscaped it because I haven't seen what you have done. I would like to have seen that but couldn't get there and that you had asked me not to trespass. It was the drought damage I was referring to - the dead umbrella pine (value 1,000+-) the magnolia trees damage.  I do hope you can get there in time to water the boxwood and that you will sell it or use it something as it is quite a lot. You could check a good nursery like Hills just off Glebe Rd. to get an idea of the price and then advertise it for sale in papers - Journal or Post etc.
The "No trespassing" sign has been torn off your barricade.  There are 2 tiny wisps of cloth left. I could not see from the road whether the place had been vandalized or not.
If you want some one to check it, fix sign, water boxwood etc. you could call Warren Hosaflock 971-2529 - near where Dodson's live. He can also mow with the Snapper. Did it once for me. He is a retired postman. He may have sold and moved by now.
J.M. Sheila and Andy were here the weekend before Labor Day. We ate lobster and crab cakes and shopped and shopped and traded clothes. It was a wonderful time.
I guess you must be having a difficult time selling your house and hope you have good luck soon. It must be very frustrating being all packed up and waiting. Have any nibbles.
I am enjoying myself more all the time. In fact have been so busy have missed many meals! It is a delightful way to live. Have signed up for a trip to Richmond Art Museum and a trip to Ken Center for "Tosca". Shopping with the girls finally bough a desk. Wish I had one years ago. It is a delight to have places to put things.
Received the rug.  Thanks so much for sending it. Didn't expect it until you came.
Sorry you thot I resented your coming here. Quite the contrary. I think you should be here to take advantage of the prosperity and to enjoy your old friends and all the things there are that you are interested in.
You said you would like to air our misunderstandings which I think is a wonderful idea. I think it all stems from lack of information mostly. I would feel so much better if you could keep me advised of what you are doing with the trust and some of your personal plans - such as what you will be doing when you begin living here.  Real estate- conservatorships or browsing for a different career. It would be so much easier if I knew what you were currently interested in. I try to keep everyone up on my main interests but think sometimes it is a waste of energy.
I also would like you to be at least courteous to my friends. They know you do not want them around so you may not see much of them. They are people who helped me when I was desperately in need of help and had no place to turn.  Joanne especially was helpful.  When Ed Prichard was going to charge me ¼ of your Dad's estate for his fee and Shalloway had a mental break down when he was going to work on the estate it was Joanne who helped me by explaining what I had to do.  She did not want to be a co-trustee but I begged her and she agreed reluctantly tho she had never done it for anyone else. I still think you owe her an apology and a box of candy or bouquet of flowers.
Better late than never.  And I would feel ever so much better. Please. Just treat my friends like you want me to treat yours.

Maybe that is enough for now and you can have time to let me know how you feel.
I do love you - you know