Lisa Overton

Lisa Overton (then of Coldwell Banker) was the buyer’s settlement agent in my 1988 sale of our homeplace (parcel 0902-01-0085) and (now of Stewart Title) for my 2007-2008 potential sale of Accotink (parcel 0904-01-0017)


1988.04.22   (Lisa Overton to Jean O’Connell)
"Re: Sale of O'Connell Property to Lynch Properties Limited Partnership; 3.23987 acres in Fairfax County, Virginia; Our case No. 87006655
Dear Ms. O'Connell:
Pursuant to our conversation of yesterday, enclosed please find our check in the sum of $33,249.31, which represents proceeds of the above referenced sale.
Please call me should you have any questions, or if I may be of further assistance at this time.
Lisa Overton,
Vice President Commercial Closings”
(A copy of this is also in “buyer 1988”)


2007.01.19   (Lisa Overton to Anthony O’Connell)
"This letter will serve to verify that Stewart Title and
Escrow, Inc. has received a deposit in the form of a Note with regard to the property referenced above. Please note that we do not have a copy of the contract on file for this transaction, however, we will hold the Note in escrow pending receipt of the contract and/or instructions with regard to this escrow.
Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions concerning this escrow, or should you need any additional information at this time. Best regards.


2007.04.24   (Steward Title (Terry Reed) to (Attn:) Steward Title (Lisa Overton))
"In connection with the above, we are enclosing the following:
(M) Revised Commitment for Title Insurance
(XX) Tax Sheet
It is a pleasure to be of service to you. Please do not hesitate to call 352-2900 if you should have any questions.
Very Truly yours,”


2007.05.01   (Lisa Overton to Anthony O’Connell)
"Enclosed please find a copy of the current Title commitment on the above referenced property. We are forwarding a copy of this report to you at the request of Bill Lynch, and to clarify the question of conveyance of this property. As the commitment shows, you, Anthony Miner O' Connell, Trustee, are the owner of the property and as Trustee you are empowered to convey the property, pursuant to the Deed in Trust under Land Trust Agreement recorded in Deed Book 8307 at page 1446.
Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions regarding the enclosed, or should you need any additional information hanks, and best regards.


2007.05.11   8:12am  (Lisa Overton to Bill Lynch)
"I received the email you forwarded from Mr. O'Connell, and have the following comments;
(1) No.
(2) Yes.
(3) The County simply uses an abbreviated notation of what the property is for their tax records. We would not consider their notation to be a complete legal description of the property. Quite frankly, as our title commitment states, we would expect the purchaser to obtain a survey of the property prior to closing, giving us a new, current legal description of the property, which is the description we would anticipate using in the deed to be recorded conveying the property.
I hope that helps answer your questions.”


2007.05.15   6:15am   (Lisa Overton to Anthony O’Connell) omit second pdf page?
"Mr. O'Connell: They simply make a "note" of a partial description of the property on the tax records rather than list a complete description of the property. We would require a complete description of the property in the deed and would not consider the county's shortened "note" version to be a complete description. I hope that clarifies it for you."


2007.05.23   11:52am  (Lisa Overton to Anthony O’Connell and Bill Lynch)
"Attached is a complete set of title documents with regard to the title search and title commitment issued for the Accotink property.


2007.05.24  9:43am  (Lisa Overton to Anthony O’Connell and Bill Lynch) omit second pdf page?
"Bill forwarded your email to me from yesterday, which again asks about the County's notation of the legal description. I believe that we already answered your questions on the legal description, so I am re-sending to you my email of May 15th which addressed the County's legal description.
Lisa Overton”


2007.06.14  10:21am   (Lisa Overton to Bill Lynch, Anthony O’Connell, Steve Blizzard, and Lisa Overton) omit second page?
"Yes, that is me from 1988 -can't believe how old you are making me feel, and I can honestly tell you that I do not remember that specific 1988 case.
Having said that however, when I look at the documents you attach, you did in fact sign the deed as a Trustee, the qualification simply required that a
Co-trustee also sign since you were not a resident of Virginia. I do not recall which firm we were using in 1988 to prepare our deeds, we have used quite a few different firms in the past, but it looks as though in the derivation of title paragraph that you underline they simply tried to consolidate the statement of facts. Perhaps they should have been more clear and said that Mr. Higham was appointed WITH you as co-trustee and not in your place.
There is no requirement for a Trustee under a land trust to be a Virginia resident; therefore it is a non issue in this case.”


2007.10.16   8:37am   (Lisa Overton to Anthony O’Connell and  Steve Blizzard)  omit second page?
"I think that Bill is just trying to help, but I am happy to answer on behalf of Stewart Title. WB201 109 does indeed refer to Will Book 201, page 109 as
Steve Blizzard indicated earlier. Accotink Station refers to the subdivision name and DB8307-1446 refers to documents recorded in Deed Book 8307 at Page 1446. DB8845-1444 refers to documents recorded in Deed Book 8845 at page 1444 and DB8845-1449 refers to documents recorded in Deed Book 8845 at page 1449. They are all simply references to documents recorded in the land records.
I hope that helps.”


2007.10.17  8:48am  (Lisa Overton to Anthony O’Connell)
 omit second and third page?
"Anthony, I don't understand what you are asking. These individual documents are simply several documents found in the title search - each has no specific meaning by itself; we look at all the documents found in a title search to determine ownership, insurability, what easements or restrictions affect the property, etc..
Then all of that is translated into a title commitment, which you have a copy of. You also have a copy of every underlying document from the search.
If there is a specific question you have about one of the documents please let me know, but there is no “meaning” assigned to each particular document.”


2007.10.18   8:21am   (Lisa Overton to Anthony O’Connell)  omit second and third and fourth page?
"WB201 109 is the court qualification page for the executrix named under the will.


2007.10.19   5:38am   (Lisa Overton to Anthony O’Connell and Steve Blizzard)   omit second and third and fourth page?
"We are obviously unable to satisfy your questions in this matter. I would suggest that you hire an attorney to represent you that can review and analyze the title search on your behalf and at your expense. We have concluded that the property is insurable and have issued our title commitment. We have provided every copy we can from the title search and forwarded it to you more than once. Should this case go forward we are happy to close the transaction for the purchaser and issue the title insurance policy or policies, but there is no additional information on the search that I can provide to you at this time.
Lisa Overton”

2007.10.25   9:14am   (Lisa Overton to Anthony O’Connell)
"Because we have already answered it again and again and again and our answer never satisfies you. It is simply one of many documents forming the chain of title."
omit second and third page?


2007.12.05   2:19pm   (Lisa Overton to Anthony O’Connell and Steve Blizzard)
"I am happy to answer yet again, that WB 201 109 is simply one of many documents we review in the chain of title to the property to decide insurability. The purchaser is welcome to choose another title company for this purchase.


2008.01.07   11:50am   (Lisa Overton to Anthony O’Connell and Steve Blizzard)
"We already answered these questions by prior email dated May 11th of 2007. Again:
We do not see a problem or conflict of any kind between WB201 Page 109 and the other documents in the chain of title at this time. In 1988 you did need a Co-Trustee appointed per Virginia requirements of an estate, and that was done. Property is now vested in the land trust. A trustee of a land trust does not need to be a Virginia resident as I have indicated on many emails, therefore there will be no problem for you to sign the deed and other documents as Trustee of the land trust that now owns the property. I do not know how I can make this any clearer.”


2008.01.08   5:42am   (Lisa Overton to Anthony O’Connell and Steve Blizzard)
"You did not qualify individually, a co-trustee was appointed. So that's a no to you individually - Yes to you WITH A CO-TRUSTEE."