Attorney General

1997.09.16 (Office of the Attorney General [Stephen Baer] to Anthony O'Connell)
"Attorney General Cullen asked that I respond to your letter dated September 23, 1997. In that letter you have asked the Attorney General to address a particular phrase in a 1935 contract between the Commonwealth and the Hiners.
A review of the materials you mailed with your September 3, 1997 letter (in particular, page 501 - 505) demonstrates that your concerns involve issues related to what may amount to a private cause of action. Accordingly, I would suggest that you consult with private counsel.
As I mentioned in my previous reply, a letter which you referenced, the office of the Attorney General is the law firm for the various state agencies of the Commonwealth.
With kindest regards, I remain
Very truly, Stephen U. Baer Assistant Attorney General"