Robert McCandlish


1976.02.12 (Randolf Church of McCandlish, Lillard, Church & Best to H. A. and Jean O'Connell)
See pdf (VEPCO hearing).


1980.04.21   (Robert McCandlish to Jean O’Connell)
"Our records indicate that you qualified on June 18, 1975.  By law you are required to file, in this office, an accounting of the administration of the estate within sixteen months of the date of qualification, and every year thereafter until the estate has been closed.   Our records indicate that you previously filed an accounting on 020178 and that another accounting is/was due on October 18, 1978.  Please submit the accounting at your earliest convenience to avoid further action on the part of this office.    If your records reflect inconsistencies with ours, please telephone Mrs. Wiley of our office at the above number.
Very truly yours,”
(Mom has two memos on this)


1984.12.26   (Robert McCandlish to Clement Wall)
"You requested an extension to January 31, 1985 for filing this accounting in the above matter.   This extension is hereby granted.
Very truly yours,”


1985.05.08   (Robert McCandlish to Jean O’Connell) (Copy to Anthony O'Connell)
"According to the inventory filed for the above estate the gross value was $90,650.27 and under the terms of the will one-half of the estate goes to you as the "Marital Share" (one-half being the amount allowed the wife without estate tax by IRS) and the balance goes to the "Residuary Estate" which shall be held in trust bt Anthony M. O-Connell, as Trustee, and the income paid to you and, in the sole discretion of the Trustee as to time and amount, the principal of the trust may be used for your support and maintenance.
This trust must be set up since we cannot ignore the will and at your death the balance in the trust goes to your three children or their issue.  At this time, we don’t know who that will be.
 Please advise me what is being done to set up this trust.  As a non-resident, Anthony M. O’Connell can act as Trustee only if a resident of Virginia qualifies with him or a Virginia resident is designated as an agent to receive notices and processes from the Court and the Commissioner of Accounts. 
It is possible that an indemnification agreement can be worked out so the trust need not be funded, but this office should not advise you about such an agreement
Very truly yours,”

Note: This is the first time Jean O'Connell and Anthony where told that there was something we were suppossed to do to get the trust funded. I don't understand why Joanne Barnes didn't tell us.


1985.07.16   (Robert McCandlish to Anthony O’Connell)
"This will acknowledge receipt of your letter of July 11, 1985. 
Mr. Mackall’s advice is correct, in my opinion, under the circumstances.  A resident agent can be appointed to serve with a non-resident personal representative such as an executor or administrator of an estate.  However, the exception provided in §26-59 of the Virginia Code does not extend to non-resident trustees.  Therefore, I believe that a resident co-trustee will be necessary.  
As Mr. Mackall has pointed out, this should not be the cause of any significant trouble or expense.
Yours very truly,”


1985.08.19   (Robert McCandlish to Anthony O’Connell)
"We have had no response to our letter of July 16, 1985. 
Please have a resident trustee appointed as soon as possible.
Very truly yours,”

This gave me the freedom to choose my own co-trustee, and I nomninated H. A. Higham. I had been led to believe that the only option was Joanne Barnes.

1985.08.22   (Anthony O'Connell to Robert McCandlish) (Copy to Jean O'Connell)
"Thank you for your letter of August 19, 1985.
I appoint H. Andrew Higham as a resident co-trustee of the trust. His address is:
H. Andrew Higham
6208 Higham Drive 
Franconia, Virginia  22310
(314) 971-3129 ... "

1985.10.07   (Henry Mackall to Anthony O’Connell)
  "I do not know anything about Mr. Higham.  I think your mother’s wishes must be considered since she is a beneficiary.  I know the Court will consider her desires before it makes an appointment."


1986.05.16   (Robert McCandlish to Jean O’Connell)
(Editing note: This letter is missing.  It must have existed because Edward White’s letter of 1986.5.27 references it: “I represent Mrs. Jean M. O’Connell, Executor of the captioned Estate.  Mrs. O’Connell received your notice of May 16, 1986, concerning the delinquent account.”)


1986.08.13   (Typed text on form) (Robert McCandlish to Anthony O’Connell)
"Per your request of 7/1/86, enclosed is a copy of the final accounting on the above estate which was filed with this office on 8/11/86.  A copy has been sent to Mr. Higham."


1986.09.18   (Typed text on form) (Robert McCandlish to Anthony O’Connell)
"Regarding your letter dated 8/7/86 concerning the above mentioned estate, #1) No you do not have to file an inventory. #2) As the Statue states you may not file every 3 years after the first accounting unless the gross value is less than $10,000.00."