Memos on three big yellow envelopes (3 bye)
Above: Big yellow envelope 1
Above: Big yellow envelope 2 (The part with writing)
Above: Big yellow envelope 3


Big envelope 3 transcribed

xxxx.xx.xx   (Unknown dates) (Ten Jean OConnell's memos on the large manila envelope not addressed to anyone. These are on the side with the metal fastener. None of the memos are dated so their chronology is guesswork)

""good man  Henry Mackall
Interest transferred to trustee OK
Main thing - go ahead 
showing % geo in interest
Not  Have to be co-trustee?"

"Tony qualify
JoAnn    " "

"Bond fee- Lawyer fix so
bond pd when sold.
nominal amt now."


"look over carefully. & call for questions
qualifying Trustee,
then trust - lawyer"

"""later non-taxable exchange.-

-leave to son-
lawyer & commissioner"

"qualify trustee"

"Equalization Bd. 
will call when
another date open"

"Clerk 691-2224
691-4193- give
fiduciary no. 21840
Come in - surety bond-)
(Va resident with)
Patty Moat ot"