Late K1

1,475.97 - 816.00 = 659.97

I don’t understand how Jean O’Connell’s accountant, Joanne Barnes, who Edward White hired for the estate, and I hired for the trust, would be late in getting the K-1 from the trust to Jean O’Connell or her estate; why she would be late in getting the K-1's to herself.

1992.05.04    (Edward White to Jean Nader, in part)
"With regard to the filing of the income tax return, my file indicates that I received a fax copy of the K-1 from the Harold O'Connell Trust on April 9, 1992, only six days before the tax return was due."

1993.02.10  (James McCauley to Anthony O'Connell, in part)
"As justification for the delay, Mr. White points out that he experienced some delay in obtaining the K-1 from you and your own complaint appears to concede that there was a problem with getting the K-1 to Mr. White."