5 docs

There are five documents for the car; three by Edward White or anonymous, and two by Anthony O'Connell.

I am guessing that Edward White wrote three documents for the car and instructed innocent Jean Nader to give me the first two for my signature:1

(1) "RECEIVED of the Estate of Jean M. O'Connell, one 1988 Plymouth Station Wagon of a value of $8,000.00"

(2) Unknown.
I am guessing that this is what Edward White is referring to in his letter of April 22, 1992, and one that I am supposed to sign: "Enclosed is an agreement which should satisfy Tony as to the car. It cannot be any clearer"///// "Of course he will furnish that receipt."
I am guessing that this is what Jean Nader wanted me to sign when we meet on or about May 9, 1992, at the dedication of Jean O'Connell's garden at Goodwin House West in Fairfax County, Virginia, but I didn't look at it because I had given up on getting a good document from Edward White and I had already gotten E. A. Prichard advice on how to write a proper document and had sent it to my sisters on May 5, 1992, with a copy to Edward White.

We, Jean M. Nader and Sheila O'Connell-Shevenell, hereby confirm that one 1988 Plymouth Van was distributed to our brother, Anthony M. O'Connell by the Estate of Jean M. O'Connell, and that we hereby confirm and agree to that distribution. We further confirm and agree that this distribution shall not be charged against Anthony M. O'Connell's share of the estate and that the remaining net proceeds of the estate after settlement of all debts and obligations shall be divided in three equal shares.
DATE: *_____              *_____
Jean M. Nader (seal)        Sheila O'Connell (seal)"

Anthony O'Connell wrote two documents for the car:

(1) "April 21, 1992    Today I received from the estate of Jean O'Connell, one 1988 Plymouth Station Wagon, VIN IP4FH4037JX221930.    Anthony M. O'Connell"

(2) "It is my decision as a beneficiary of the estate of Jean O'Connell, that Anthony O'Connell may purchase the 1988 Plymouth Van now in the estate, VIN l4FH4037JX221930, for one dollar. 
Name   Jean Nader (seal)    Date May (9?), 92"

"It is my decision as a beneficiary of the estate of Jean O'Connell, that Anthony O'Connell may purchase the 1988 Plymouth Van now in the estate, VIN lP4FH4037JX221930, for one dollar. 
Name   Sheila O'Connell (seal)   Date 5-9-92"


1The only thing needed to create a wedge through the family is to give a trusting family member a bad document to give to another family member for signature. The trusting family member believes it is a good document and the family member who is to sign it can't convince the trusting family member that it is a bad document and that it should not be signed, because it would create accounting entanglements. The known documents by Edward White or anonymous create accounting entanglements.



I don't understand why the accountants:

  1. Do not say what the car problem is. The nature of the car problem, like the bond problem, is still unknown.
  2. Brought a car problem into the estate rather than resolve it when Jean O'Connell would have asked them to resolve it (1992.02.18). Jean O'Connell could not resolve the problem in 1991 any more than I could in 1992. She was very upset when she received a letter from the bank saying that she owned the bank money on a loan for the vehicle. She did not want a loan. It is unlike her to not pay what the bank says she owned on a loan. I went to the bank at Jean O'Connell's request and got nowhere. Why didn't Edward White or Joanne Barnes clear it up before her death? This is a flag.
  3. Would not say how much the car would cost after I asked them. (1992.04.04)
  4. Placed innocent Jean Nader between themselves and me.(1992.04.04)
  5. Wrote documents for the car that create accounting entanglements. Innocent Jean Nader believes they are good documents. I can't convince her that they should not be signed. This creates a wedge through the family.
  6. Instruct innocent Jean Nader to instruct me to sign their document 1 of 3. (undated)
  7. Would not respond to my questions about their document 1 of 3.
  8. Would not accept my document 1 of 2 for the car and would not say why.
  9. Did not recognize the sale of the car after I sent Edward White the original receipts signed by my sisters in May of 1992 and would not say why.
  10. Did not say that they did not recognize the sale. I did not know that they did not recognize the sale until I saw note 7 in the first court account at Bk467p191.
  11. [Edward White] apparently, and this is my best guess, meet with my sisters after they signed my document 2 of 2 on May 9, and had them sign his document 3 of 3 and instructed them to predate it to May 1, 1992, which, I'm guessing, would preempt my document 2 of 2 of May 9, 1992. I did not see this document until after my sisters had signed it. I do not know that Edward White meet with the heirs until I read his letter of April 13, 1994, to Jesse Wilson where he says he met with the heirs. He never meet with me and I am an heir.
  12. [Joanne Barnes] is silent on this. I to not understand why Joanne Barnes, who was Jean O'Connell's accountant, who is doing the accounting for the estate and for the trust at this time, and who Edward White hired for the estate, is silent.