Jean Nader

Note: When the accountants have the innocent family member and co-fiduciary speaking for them, it is a flag.


1992.02.20   (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
"February 20, 1992
Dear Tony
Yes- to your "Andy Higham proposal.
Either the subchapter S Corp or Va Land trust is OK with me-
Thank you for my B-day greetings!
We are all enjoying them-
I still haven t finished the boxes- 2 big ones and a medium one so far-so far no Wash-Gas-Light
Love Jean"

1992.03.22 (Estimated) (Jean Nader to Anthony O Connell)
"Dear Tony
Wishing you a good Easter-
We had one warm beautiful day, and now we re back to 30 s-
I hope it won t last long.
I have not yet talked to Sheila.
To answer a few questions - The van does not lessen your 1/3 share of the estate. It was agreed by Sheila and I that if you wanted it, it was yours-
The only tax that you pay will your personal property tax once the van is in your name-
Love Jean "


1992.03.31 (Certified, post marked) (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
"Dear Tony
I hope you are having a good day-
Enclosed is
(1) the Van Title,
(2) a death certificate
(3) a court appointment and a
(4) receipt.
You need # 1, 2, 3 to have the van transferred to your name-
The receipt # 4, must be  returned to me or Ed White as soon as possible because it must be filed with our accounting to the court-"


1992.04.14   (Jean Nader to Anthony O Connell)
"April 14th
Dear Anthony O Connell,
The enclosed information is the result of your April 9th letter concerning the Plymouth.
Yes, you have received an $8,000 value of the estate. IT DOES NOT alter your 1/3 portion of the estate. It is a wish of Sheila and I that you have the van and it does not count against what you already receive when we divide the estate into 1/3 s.
The only tax you will pay, will be your personal property tax - when the van becomes your property -
I hope this answers your questions -
Jean Nader"


1992.05.07   (Jean Nader to Anthony O Connell)
"May 7
Dear Tony
Enclosed is an application for Revision of Real Property Assessment.
Mr. White and I feel that it is in the best interest of you, Sheila and to have the $600,000 value of Accotink lowered, perhaps to 300,000 or 400,000. The bottom line for the beneficiaries of the estate is to receive the most money possible.
Our thinking includes these reasons.

  1. Accotink is suffering bad real estate times.
  2. Accotink is lacking good access.
  3. Accotink is not receiving an income.
  4. Accotink s assessment tax has been raised to $1.25 per - Accotink s tax bill will be in the neighborhood of $7,000 per year.
  5. Accotink is 1/3 wet land 1/3 clay land 1/3 good land
  6. When Accotink does have a buyer the land can be appraised
  7. This appeal saves the estate 7500 for an appraiser - You are by far the most qualified to do this form and represent the property. This form is due June 1st 1992 not "no deadline" as appears on the blue form. I have also enclosed a copy of the form to use as a work sheet. If you decide to do this for the benefit of you and I and Sheila. Please send each of  us a copy.
    Thanking you for your consideration - Love Jean
    The answers to your questions
    1. Yes, you have a copy of the original tax form even though it is not dated nor signed.
    2. We are applying for "waiver of penalty request - because -
      a. It took me several weeks to go through the many boxes you left here. I did find important papers. If I had had those boxes in the fall it would have helped -
      b. The April 9 receipt of K-1 from the "trust" through FAX
      c. Finding the Washington Gas & Light -
      d. Still looking for Nuveen stock certificate - now we are assuming it s lost and going through paper work with  Nuveen to receive the certificates
      e. Getting info to complete the final accounting"

Attachment 1: County form "Application for Revision of Real Property Assessment".
Attachment 2: Letter from Vivian Watts to Anthony O'Connell, September 14, 1987.
Attachment 3: Letter from Anthony O'Connell to A. V. Bailey II, August 3, 1987.
Attachment 4: Tax map with additions


1992.05.12  (Estimated   (Jean Nader to Anthony O Connell)
Enclosed are Mom s  92  tax returns
I put them in blue for easy reference finding and to know that they are copies.
If you have any questions, please write them down for me so that I can have the specific wording -
Love Jean"


1992.06.03+   (Jean Nader to Anthony O Connell, hand written on June 3, 1992, letter from Fairfax County to Jean Nader)
"Tony - This came today and I made copies - Have a good day - Love Jean"


1992.06.05 (Estimated) (Jean Nader to Anthony O Connell)
"Dear Tony -
The beach and being with Amy, Jen and friends was wonderful - Time passed too quickly - You probably have the same feeling when you are on your Highland County property. 
I certainly enjoyed seeing you and meeting Linda. I thought Mother s dedication was very nice and I thought the garden looked beautiful.  I m glad were also able to talk about Accotink and make some decisions about the appraiser.
Springfield must be lovely at this time
Love Jean
Personal  Questions  from me -
pertaining to your accounting of the trust.
1. Does the trust now own a computer and if so why - ?
2. Why was a compass bought - ?
3. Why isn t this a final accounting? I understand from Mr. Prichard in Sept that (at?) Mother s death the trust ended. Please understand that I am asking questions for info.  They were questions that went through my mind as I read the account.

I know how you like things in writing.  You asked me 5 - 14- 92 if I trusted Ed White. In fact you asked me twice,  At the time of the question we were discussing the estate. I answered the question. Yes.
I probably should have said yes. In matters of Jean O Connell s estate, I have had no instance not to trust him. I confer with my lawyer here and Ed White s advice and  ????? of  following the execution of Mother s will are correct.
I hope this makes my answers clear.
In the estate there is a CD to me.  POD from Mother.  I found it in the boxes you left here.  I also received an IRS form for it. There were no other CD papers "still - in -use" in the boxes.  I have the money deposited in my sayings account.
Love Jean
When will your appraiser do his appraisal - ? If it s before June 15th will his findings be available for the June 15th filing?
Thank you."


1992.07.27 (Estimated)   (Jean Nader to Anthony O Connell)
"1. What is the status of the Fairfax County re-assessment matter?
2. Are you handling it?
3. You mentioned that you have brought to the Board's attention the fact that the appraisal did not factor in the marine clay issue. Can the appraiser amend his report to reflect a lower value so that it can be used on the estate tax return.?
5. Since the trust was supposed to terminate on Mother's death, the $2000.00 for the appraisal should be paid to the beneficiaries, not to the trust. The checks from Sheila and me can then be paid back to you.
6. Please send a copy of the appraiser's bill and his notation that it has been paid so that the estate may claim the payment for the appraisal as a deduction.
[Handwritten below]
Dear Tony -
I hope all is well with you -
H1 and I are going to visit Jen and Mike in N.C. this week -
I m looking forward to a good time.
Will you answer the enclosed questions? Either to Ed White or me -
Love Jean"


1992.09.08 (Estimated)   (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
"Hi, Enclosed is most of the remaining cash in the estate.
Income tax copies are also on the way to you -
When the IRS appraisal comes, we will decide how to divide A. G. Edwards - any ideas?
Went to N York to see a few days of the tennis Open - great fun -
Good luck with your bull dozer engine - I enjoyed your letter! Love Jean"


1993.01.22 (Date received)  (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
Dear Tony
I received your letter yesterday - You are a witty writer!
I'll await the publication that you ordered- At this time I m not making a commintment to do this -
Love Jean -
I waited until after Christmas to send these copies because I didn't want to risk losing them in the mail -

Handwritten on December 14, 1992, letter from Anthony O'Connell to Jean Nader:
"I waited until now to mail copies so that they would not be rushed and/or lost in Christmas mailings."


1993.05.19+   (Estimated) (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell, hand written April 21, 1993, letter from Anthony O'Connell to Jean nader))
"There will be no more distribution until the IRS accounting has been cleared by the court - That IRS accounting has not been returned as of 4:30 May 19, 1993
The Comm. Of Accounts is to receive an annual accounting - He has received 1 as of Sept ' 92."


Undated   1993.06.15 (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
"Dear Tony
Thank you for the delicious nuts - they are wonderful -
Our vacation was wonderful. Jen is now in Charlotte - Amy is leaving for summer school - I hope your vacation is good - I'm sure you & Kay will have your property looking great!
Howard gave me your message. I had thought that those points were already discussed and decisions made.  Love Jean"

(Handwritten on May 17, 1995, letter from Crestar Bank to Jean O'Connell and Jean Nader )
"I have responded to this.
She believes to Franconia Rd -
And was returned to Crestar -
This means an amended federal and state estate tax returns! The CD goes to me but interest goes to Mother & J(?)
Love J -"


1993.06.23   (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell, handwritten on June 9, 1993, letter from Anthony O'Connell to Jean Nader and Sheila O'Connell )
"Dear Tony - In a *heated argument with you, I offered to resign as co-exec. Of Mom's estate - After rethinking my information, speaking with Mr. Prichard, Sheila and legal counsel, I have decided to finish my capacity as co-exec.
I appreciate your thorough, thoughtful reply letter. and I did think heavily on the matter. Love Jean"

*Note: It was not heated on my part. I had learned that provocation is one of the accountant's tools to divide the family.


1993.08.03 (Estimated, "1993.07.30 just after" on the pdf)  (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
"Dear Tony
I have received your letter of July 30th - thank you very much for your thoughts -
Concerning misconception #2, *sue- I never felt that you wanted to sue - I did feel that you may sue because as you said (on 3 times that I can recall) " leave me no other alternative"I never took those thoughts personally, I took them as a business path for you that the law has provided. I hope this explains my feeling -
Jennifer has a 5th grade in N.C - She begins Aug 9th - I'm so happy for her.
I hope all is going well with you - I certainly feel bad for the flood victims!
I can't imagine how hard it CD(?) to cope with this -
Thanks for your letter - Love Jean"

*Note: I cannot take any court action against the accountants because it would result in me against my innocent sister Jean Nader. This is what I was trying to explain over the phone.


1993.08.31 (Estimated) (Jean Nader' to Anthony O'Connell, handwritten on Crestar Bank's August 31, 1993, letter to Jean Nader)
"This is the reason for the amended return - The estate has paid tax on it - Since it passed to me through death it passed through the estate"


1993.09.13 (Estimated) (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell, handwritten on Anthony O'Connell's September 13, 1993, letter to Jean Nader and Sheila O'Connell)
"The estate will not be suing you. I will not personally be suing you.
Tony, you must do what you think is necessary. I would not tell you to ignore the Final Estate Accounting, nor would I tell you to go ahead.
In response to the Van and other questions - I will address them soon -"


1993.10.22, post marked   (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
"Dear Tony,
Wishing you a great birthday that will last all year - Love Jean O"



1994.02.02 (Post marked) (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell, handwritten on pages with copies of three checks:
(1) Commission for Jean Nader
(2) Commision for Edward White
(3) Office supplies for Edward White)
  " $23,580.90 - comm.
- $  9,196.55 - my taxes on it as my income
  $ 14, 384.35 - money to [divide] 3 ways.
Please send me a note showing approval for the comm.. check. I want that note in case the comm.. of accounts has any question -
Thank you Jean"


1994.03.24 (Post marked) (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
"Dear Tony
Thank you very much for your letter and photo - they both mean a lot to me, especially your letter - No. I have not seen Shadowlands but I want to! I have the same feelings as you expressed and when the estate is finally and absolutely finished
I will call and we can celebrate a new stage of relationship! And I can't wait to hear about Ecuador - the photo is great!
Until then.  Much love Jean (?)"


1994.04.08   (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
"Fri. April 8th
Dear Tony
I received your pkq of letters to Judge Bach & Commissioner of Accounts, Jesse Wilson.
At this time, I am not making any comments. I would, however, request a reply to your letter from Hon. Bach and Wilson.
Thank you Jean"


1994.08.09  (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell, hand written on Edward White's August 9, 1994, letter to Jean Nader)
Would you like to handle this - ?
Enclosed are copies of the papers - I have the original forms -
__ Yes, I will handle the settlement
__ No, I will not handle the settlement
Love Jean"


1994.10.06 (Post marked)   (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
"Hi, I hope all is going well -
Enclosed is your copy -
J. Barnes will be in touch to make arrangements for you to also sign the papers. I have signed and mailed them back to her, (10-5)
Love Jean"


1994.10.10 (total guess) (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
Please send me copies of
1. FR6 that says estate open &
2. Sequence of letters that you feel could lead to "petition of land" -
My choice of Va lawyer to meet with Mr. Prichard -
He knows a lot about our situation -
Love Jean"


1994.10.19   (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
"Oct 19, 1994
Dear Tony
Thank you for my copy of your letter to Attorney General James Gilmore. I would also appreciate a copy of Mr. Gilmore's response to complete the correspondence.
Yes, there are 2 vacant grave sites.  There will be an amended Federal and Virginia estate tax. I called the cemetery. The grave sites are valued at $1400.00 each. We may keep them as a family plot or sell them. Dom you have an opinion on keeping or selling the plots? I have given the above information to Sheila also. I did not know that there were 4 grave sites. I did not find any "deeds" or receipts for them or my attention would have been alerted. I checked again over the boxes that you left, but found that I had not overlooked any such papers. My apologies. It was my mistake.
I hope all is well. Fall is beautiful here. Jennifer is coming home for a wedding. Don't forget John is being married Mem. Day Sat. '95!  Love Jean"


1994.12.26   (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
"Dear Tony
Yes, you may write the children - John, Jennifer, Howard, Amy. Their addresses and phone numbers are correct -
I have sent you every paper that has come from the estate or concerns the estate - I do not have a paper that I have not already sent to you -
Jean Nader
Dec.26, 1994'


1995.01.08   (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell, hand written on "FR5, Final Settlement Agreement Made Pursuant To Virginia Law")
"Also to be signed by Ed White"


1995.01.10   (Jean Nader to Sheila O'Connell and Anthony O'Connell)
"Dear Sheila and Tony,
I would like to purchase the two (2) remaining sites owned by Jean Miner O'Connell, Fairfax Memorial Park, Section One, Block Peace, Lot 10A, Site 3 and 4, I offer the price of One Thousand ($1,000.00) Dollars each.  Total to be $2,000.00.
If you would express your wish to this sale, I would appreciate it. Please sign and return to me as soon as possible.
__ In agreement
__ Not in agreement
Thank you.
Sincerely, Jean Nader"


1995.03.01   (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
"Wed Mar 1
Tony do I need a K-1 form from you for the final distribution of the trust -
$ 5,271.45 made in July '94 check #119
Love Jean"


1995.04.11   (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell, hand written on Anthony O'Connell's April 11, 1995, letter to Jean Nader and Sheila O'Connell))
"I have not signed your letter - Jean Nader"


1995.08.22, post mark   (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
I had hoped to see you at Jamie''s wedding - so sorry that you were not able to come - Sheila and I did talk about the hurt that the 3 of us are experiencing - She suggested that the 3 of us could go to family therapy  together - I liked the idea. I know we have our different ideas business wise. I had thought this could be separate from our family feelings, Sheila said that she also would be writing or calling you-
I hope that our lives will be more comfortable together - Love Jean


1995.09.22   (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
Would you please send me a copy of the Virginia Land Trust regulations? Both Ray Bitar and I understand that Accotink is in a Virginia Land Trust.
Thank you Jean"


1995.09.30 (estimate)  (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
I hope that all is well with you -
We are good -
Jen has finished her first regular teaching year -
Amy is in summer school - H1 is working - as is John and John just became engaged - Wedding is to be Memorial Day  Sat of '95 -
I'm busy serving meals, Jen & I are going to London - Paris and in between in July - I'm going to volunteer at PGA  next week - fun! 
Love  Jean"


1995.10.15   (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
I was out of town so checks didn't follow Ed White's cover letter as soon as they could have!  I'm glad you and Kay came to John's wedding - You both looked very good -
Please return the affidavit to me -  [Note: I don't remember what this affidavit was about]
Thank you  Love J"


1996.07.23 (Post marked envelope but can't find what was in it) (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)


1997.09.10   (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
"Dear Tony
I have received your book. I will read it - It will take a long time. If you have replies from the IRS, FBI, SEC, & US Att. General, I would like a copy to accompany your information , If any correspondence comes to me about your information, I will also send you a copy -
Love Jean
P.S.  Amy and Carl caught a cargo plane from Iceland to Pittsburg this week - It has been a wonderful visit -"


1998.04.10+, estimated   (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell, hand written on page with copy of a State check for $782.24)
I hope all is well with you -
Enclosed is your share of Fed, Retiree Settlement payment  - My accountant suggested I keep 20% as I pay on the entire check as my income"
(See the arithmetic creating the accounting entanglement in the pdf reference)

Enclosure: Copy of check from Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell for $206.60, returned by Anthony O'Connell to Jean Nader because cashing it would mean Anthony O'Connell agreed to the accounting entanglement that created the $206.60 amount.


1998.11.08   (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell, hand written on Anthony O'Connell's November 3, 1998, letter to Jean Nader)
"I do not plan to hire a PA. [Pennsylvania] accountant or to file charges in the Fairfax County Circuit Court,
  Jean Nader  Nov 8, 1998"


1098.11.15   (Jean Nader to Anthony O''Connell, hand written on page with copy of a State check for $875.41)
"My accountant suggested I keep 20% because I pay the income tax on 875.41 & have done so."
20% of 875 = 175,00
875.00 - 175.00 = 700.00
700.00 /3 = 233.34

Enclosure: Copy of check from Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell for $233.34, not cashed by Anthony O'Connell because cashing it would mean Anthony O'Connell agreed to the accounting entanglement that created the $233.34 amount.


1999.04.20   (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell, hand written on page with copy of a check to Anthony O'Connell for $198.08)
Since I pay the income tax on the total amount, $891.36 my accountant said to keep 1/3 (297.12) for that purpose.
891.35 total [State check for $780.70 plus State check for $110.66 =$ 891.36
-297.12 tax [is]
3/594.24 = $198.08 to each of us-
I hope all is well - Jean

Enclosure: Copy of check from Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell for $198.08, not cashed by Anthony O'Connell because cashing it would mean Anthony O'Connell agreed to the accounting entanglement that created the $198.08 amount.


1999.05.30   (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
Why do you want my accountant's name?


1999.06.09   (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
"June 9, '99
My accountant has only been so for 2 yrs.  He handles my business accounts.  I do not feel he will can help you with Accotink - so I am not giving you his name -
As I said in '94 or '95, you should be the one to go to Fairfax County Circuit Court - I feel the estate is correctly filed."


1999.08.02   (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
"Tony   This check is acceptable by Fairfax County. All you need to do is send a second check of yours with the difference.  I want my check made out to Fairfax County because it simplifies my tax deduction records - I know you know this and I am surprised that you asked me to change my check -   Jean   8-2-99"

Enclosure: Check for $1,230.00 from Jean Nader for her 1/3 share of the real estate taxes for Accotink for 1999, made out to "County of Fairfax". Because Anthony O'Connell, Trustee, asked that the check be made out to "Anthony O'Connell, Trustee, to avoid an accounting entanglement, he returned it to Jean Nader uncashed.


1999.08.03 (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
(Can't find the letter that came with this envelope)


2000.08.01   (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
"Tony   This is legal.  I want the tax deductions of my tax share - Jean"

Enclosure: Check for $1,231.00 from Jean Nader for her 1/3 share of the real estate taxes for Accotink for 2000 made out to "County of Fairfax - Taxation Adm". Because Anthony O'Connell, Trustee, asked that the check be made out to "Anthony O'Connell, Trustee, to avoid an accounting entanglement, he did not cash it, and returned it to Jean Nader after her letter of Feruary 1, 2001.


2001.02.18 (Mistakenly labeled "2001.02.01" in pdf) (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
"Tony,   I am getting my tax papers in order. I do not have check #5003, 8-1-01, $1231.00 made out to Fairfax Cty - for Accotink real estate tax - If you did not send it with your bill, return the check to me.  If you are waiting for another tax payment to the County, Let me know - with an explanation
Thank you   Jean"


2001.08.06   (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
"Aug 6 2001
Dear Tony   I hope your California trip was a pleasant and happy one.
On a business note I would like
1. A copy of this year's real estate tax bill.
2. A copy of the accounting which you say I am making difficult by addressing my checks to Fairfax County.
Thank you   Jean"


2001.11.18   (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
"Dear Tony   I am not comfortable with your Christmas request - I know you will have a good Christmas wherever you are - Jean"


2002.07.11  (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
"Tony,   I received your letter regarding real estate tax.  I would like a copy of your real estate bill, Jean    Return envelop enclosed - (over) P.S. I still would like the name of the portrait painter -"


2003.08.16   (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
"Aug. 16-03
Tony  I received your real estate notice  I would like to pay my share but as I said before I want to make my check payable to the county for my tax write off - If you change your mind let me know - Is the Sedona address your new home address?  Jean"



2005.07.12   (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
"July 12, 05
Dear Tony,  I hope all is well with you.  I am interested in discussing the sale of Accotink with you and Sheila -
Take care   Jean"


2005.08.08   (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
"Aug 8, 2005
Dear Tony,   I received your reply concerning Accotink. Thank you.
You are right, it has been 14 years and I think that we should have sold or developed Accotink by this time. 
I believe that the estate accounting is in order and you do not. It seems that neither one of us will be changing our mind. Therefore I have decided in the next several months to seek legal counseling in the matter of selling Accotink. I am also going to ask that all legal costs be deducted from the sale of the land.  I am sorry that this conflict has not been settled.  I know of no other way to finally settle this, than the court system - 
In regard to paying my share of real -estate tax, I have said every year since 1999 that I would pay my share with my check made payable to Fairfax County. You have refused to accept them - I was surprised to note the new property assessment. Yet Sheila and I were not included in the conservation or info in this matter.  We are 2 of the 3 owners of this property -   Sincerely Jean Nader"


2005.08.08?  Post card (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
I do not have an E-mail address. 



2007.07.28   Card (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
"Ans to your E-mail-questions
#1. No one
2.You believe in a conspiracy and I do not.
3. No
4. As I am concerned, Mother's estate has been accounted for
I still would like to know how the present value of Accotink was reached! I have asked this question of you several times?


2008.04.22 (Postmark)  Card (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
"Hi   I hope you are healing well from your surgery. 
Amy opened your e-mail for me - Lots of info - Bill Lynch really seems to be helping you as much as he can - I hope all will work for the benefit of all -  
Take care, Jean""


2008.07.08   (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
"Tues. 7 - 8th
Tony   Amy brought me your cover letter from your E-mail -
I do know that I can send my check to you - I prefer to make it out to Fairfax County - I never said I couldn'''t write it off - I want to write it off - payable Fairfax Cty - I will not be sending you a tax real estate check - I hope you can work with Bill Lynch and sell Accotink.


2008.08.29 (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
Your surprise box came today-Lots of memories in there-
Everything is in good shape.


2008.10.20 (Postmark)   (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
Happy Birthday
I hope you are having a good one-
John and I enjoyed our time in Portland for Richard's wedding - I hope you were able to go to the reception in New Mexico - I wish you a really great year -


2008.11.18   (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
"Nov 18, 08
Dear Tony
Wishing you a good Thanksgiving -
I would like to know how the sale of Accotink is progressing.
You said it was your primary goal this year and you wanted to sell before capital gains rates changed with the election of Obama.
I hope you were able to go to Richard' s New Mexico reception-
Take care


2009.02.06 Card (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
"Feb 6 '09
Dear Tony
Amy gave me a copy of your email-
I will not be sending you any more papers because I have given you and Sheila copies of every paper of the estate as they were made, and in your case quite a few duplicates-
Even though you and I have different opinions about the estate.  My bottom line is that Accotink can be sold and the money goes to these people- You, Sheila and myself-
Take care
The Cardinals were good-
And the Steelers were great-"


2009.05.20   (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
"Sat May 2
Amy gave me a copy of your E-mail todat-
I can't wait to hear how this transactio transpires!


2009.10.5.20   (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
"Dear Tony,
Wishing you many good wishes for your birthday -
I hope all is well and you have resolved your "deed dispute" -Maybe Accotink is closer to being sold!!



2010.??.??  (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
"Dear Tony
I wrote you last fall about having an O'Connell reunion in Pittsburg-, this June-It has been post-poned as I thought Richard and Rachel would be living in Pitts- by then- 3 famlies in i place- with both of their daughter, they aren't sure of their plans - I did not here from you, if your daughters and you were interested- I still would like to know if you are interested -


2010.04.06  (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
"I was saddened to read your e-mail 3-7-10. I don't know or by who but Jean Nader, who has a 1/3 interest in Accotick has apparently been lead to believe that I am trying to take all the proceeds from a sale of Accotink." I would like to know the thoughts that brought you to that conclusion.
The 3 of us own Accotink equally - No other connections are involved. You said you would like to be the seller and that is fine with me- I would like to know if there is current news about selling Accotink-
Please let me know what you are currently thinking-


2010.05.31  (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
"Dear Tony
This has been a very good-thinking Memorial Day for me- I wish I could have Aunt Penny, Uncle Jimmy. Dad, and you together for questions and thoughts. I'm glad Uncle Gene shared with my PA family- Thank you for your military service


2010.06.12  (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
I have not felt intimidated-
Reread my note -
the word is saddened-


2010.09.05(?)  (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
Hi Tony
I received your check - Amy gave me you message Sat and I sent Kate her book on Mon. Oct 4- acknowledging that is was from you-
Take care


2010.11.15 (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
"Nov 15 "10
Hi Tony
When I saw your letter, I got excited for a second, hoping that Accotink was sold- What is the progress on Accotink? It seems to me that you should keep Sheila and I up to date on progress or lack of progress of Accotink.- Where do the appraisals come from - ? and why- I will not be sending a check-
I enclose the following news article because of your daughters- Since you are a vet, do these laws apply to you in Arizona as they do in PA-
I was recently diagnosed with glacoma-and was asked if any one in my family also had it- I don't think Mom or Dad did - How about you [and] I'm going to ask Sheila- Age seems to have lots of surprises!-
Happy Thanksgiving Jean


Dates unknown

Unknown date 1   (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
"Dear Tony   I very much enjoy your phone call this morning -
As I said, I'm in favor of  all items presented in your letter.  I know of no one who has a better insight into Accotink than you.  I appreciate what you plan to do for the three of us -
Love Jean"


Unknown date 2   (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
"Hi  I asked Ed to put everything in writing that we has discussed on the phone -  J"


Unknown date 3   (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
Thur. 3-31  Dear Tony  I think this is the letter to which you are referring - Love Jean 
Happy Easter 
Jennifer & Amy are coming home - John left yesterday for Cape Car. In Florida -


Unknown date 4   (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
"Hi  I hope your recuperation is going well -
Take care -


Unknown date 5   (Jean Nader to Anthony O'Connell)
"Merry Christmas
Wishing you a good holiday season and peaceful New Year along with good health for all of us-
I hope you were able to finish your road on your Va property-
Take care