Sheila O’Connell


1992.00.00 (Sheila O'Connell to Anthony O'Connell)
Dear Tony
(1) Prichard suggestion; Use April 1992 Lynch note to H. A. O’C trust & put it in a Va Land Trust.(
(2) You receive a set fee or a percentage of sale- on % of sale –would you have to have a real estate broker’s license a lot of trouble) – if so is there a way to do a finders fee with money(?) of that.
Love, Sheila”


1992.03.20 (Sheila O’Connell to Anthony O’Connell)
"Dear Tony, My heartfelt apologies for writing unclearly and the additional angst that may have caused you.  I’ll try again- please call collect, if once again my message doesn’t have the clarity you seek.
1) The A Higham choice- A O’Connell gets 25% of value added- Anthony, Sheila & Jean Mary share tax expense plus whatever other expenses are incurred.
2) Virginia Land Trust as described to be by A H Prichard per your directive to me to call him.  That is what would  (over) have been the check amount April 1992 to the H A O’Connell Trust Would be deposited in the Virginia Land Trust for you to administrate in maintaining & selling Accotink. 
At the time I talked to Mr. Prichard per your directive that was based on there being 1992, ’93,’94 checks & 95’ checks.  We now know that all of these monies will be sent April 1992. From my own curiosity and clarity I would like to know from you what that, ’92 check to the H A O’C Trust would have been & what it will be now that Lynch is paying off the loan.
I would much appreciate your response to this letter- collect phone call or whatever as to whether or not you perceive clarity in my language and I also I would much appreciate the numbers on what the ’92 check would have been & what it will be in actually be now.
I hear you are having beautiful spring weather & snow- hope it is enjoyable. Love, Sheila”


1992.04.08 (Sheila O’Connell to Anthony O’Connell)
"Dear Tony,
You do know just how to give a person a good day.  The birthday cartoons were terrific, timely and got here before my birthday.  Thanks.  I realized after I wrote my last letter to you that I had forgotten to let you know my appreciation for the birthday cartoons.  But those checks for thousands – now they really lighten the load; and at tax time too - the best
How’s the weather down there? Here people are getting whiny about how come it snowed forty-nine inches in March and here it is April and cold & clammy. Surely Springfield Spring must be more pleasant than what we are getting. 
What is going on here? We continue to do recession big time. We are seem to be getting quite used to it.  And downtown is emptying out – more and more empty store fronts. Lots of empty office space and more and more unemployed lawyers. Out news this week is that we have 6 toxins in the air over Portland some of which are 700% over “safe” levels according to the EPA.  Our police chief who I cheer for who is everlastingly courageous persists in his match on the Dept of Human Services for their inability to respond to the communities that so and so baby or child is in jeopardy and sure enough the baby or child is dead a few months later and DHS has never responded to either police or citizen’s calls. Very bad! This guy Chitwood is remarkable – he’s from Philadelphia – he has done so much for so many minority groups in terms of revamping the police force & their jobs so that they give effective protection.
Pierre is getting better and better at his work and therefore feeling more confident. I probable did write to you that he broke his right wrist, had walking pneumonia & then began to feel nauseous, dizzy & like his body was going to blow-up. Antibiotics cleared up the pneumonia, the wrist in it’s cast continued to hurt & he felt panicky at how- his body was escalating in sick symptoms – went to a doctor who detected the problem (yes – his blood pressure was at the explosive level   Advil – his kidney’s are allergenic to it. No Advil - regular blood pressure and the couple(?) in New England. 4 more weeks on the cast though. Love, Sheila’


1995.05.27+  (Sheila O’Connell’s note on a 1995.05.27 letter I drafted to be sent to Edward White) "Sheila O’Connell I have no awareness of any wrongdoing on the part of my brother, Anthony O”