(Trustee to Judges, November 21, 2012)
To the Honorable Judges of the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit Court of Fairfax County, Virginia:
The Honorable Dennis J. Smith
The Honorable Marcus D. Williams
The Honorable Jane Marum Roush
The Honorable Johnathan C. Thacher
The Honorable R. Terrence Ney
The Honorable Randy I. Bellows
The Honorable Charles J. Maxfield
The Honorable Bruce D. White
The Honorable Robert J. Smith
The Honorable David S. Schel
The Honorable Jan L. Brodie
The Honorable Lorraine Nordlund
The Honorable Brett A. Kassabian
The Honorable Michael F. Devine
Please tell me if the enclosed Court notice is from the Judges or if it is from some alternative element speaking for the Court? I ask this because:
(1) The notice is confusing and lacks accountability; there is no name, no signature, no point of contact, only a telephone number and "The Judges of the Fairfax Circuit Court" in the signature line.
(2) The notice says "Case No. CL-2012-0013064", which matches the number on the summons and the injunction . The accusations in the summons and in the injunction are so blatantly false, and no evidence is provided to justify them, it's as if the law, the evidence, and accountability is not expected to be relevant.
(3) The notice says "In Re: Harold A. O'Connell" but doesn't say what the issue is. Harold A. O'Connell is our Dad who died in 1975.
It would not be prudent for me to appear in Court unless the issues are defined and the evidence for the issues can be obtained beforehand. The present structure makes me dead on arrival; this is not due process.
The best of my two bad options is to not appear in Court, even though my not appearing could be made to appear as if I, rather than the accountants, were trying to hide something, and the terms of their summons and injunction might be approved by default.
Would you please put everything on hold until all of the plaintiff’s issues can be identified and their evidence for their issues can be obtained? The known evidence I need before appearing in Court includes exposing the accounting trails in our Mother’s estate at Bk467p191.
This is extremely complicated and impossible to present in an understandable manner except by through websites.
The CPA Joanne Barnes and the Attorney Edward White make money disappear and cover them selves by using an innocent family member as an unwitting agent to carry out their agenda. The evidence is in exposing the accounting trails at Book467page191 in the public record.  I've tried to expose Bk467p191 for twenty years and the reaction has cost me my reputation, my family, and my solvency.
Exposing Bk467p191 would be the turning point, its the law, its common sense, and the public trusts that its done. Please use your power or call in federal powers that would do it. Please ask them to (1) protect our family, (2) find out where the money went and (3) untangle the accounting entanglements holding up the sale of our remaining family real estate that we call Accotink. Accotink is in a Virginia Land Trust and I am the Trustee.
Our family needs federal protection. The first thing our family needs is to have a federal agent personally visit our innocent sister Jean Nader at 350 Fourth Avenue, New Kensington, PA 15068, and convince her that she is being used by the accountants.
The terms of the summons and the injunction are for the benefit of the accountants and not for our family; it gives them unlimited control and cover of our family's assets and makes our family appear at fault. History suggests that the reason the accountants want to replace me with innocent Jean Nader as Trustee for Accotink is because they can use her as Trustee as they used her as co-executor in our mother's estate, to make money disappear.
Respectfully, Anthony O'Connell, Trustee
Enclosure: Court notice (See "element12p" in pdf to see enclosure) (See enclosure at pdf "element12p")
References: (Trust property in Fairfax County for sale; controlling summons, injunction, etc.) (Trustee's individual property in Highland County for sale; controlling lien sent to Highland County) (Comprehensive; twenty years in the making; if you want to know how the accountants work)

(Judge Smith to Trustee, November 27, 2012Anthony O'Connell, Trustee)
439 South Vista Del Rio
Green Valley, AZ 85614
RE: In Re: Harold A O'Connell, CL-2012-13064
Dear Mr. O'Connell:
I have received your letter regarding the Notice of Scheduling Conference you
received in case CL 2012 -0013064. Th,is is indeed a valid notice from our court .'
provided. so that you would be aware of a Scheduling Conference at which we will, if" .
appropriate, set a trial date and enter a scheduling order in accordance with the Uniform
Pretrial Scheduling Order adopted by the Supreme Court of Virginia. No evidence will
be taken at that time as this is only a hearing to establish the schedule for the orderly
processing of the case.
As for accountability for the notice, it clearly indicates that it is sent by the judges
of the circuit court and provides you with a phone number at which you can contact our
case management staff with regard to the Scheduling Conference. We would not send
out a notice indicating that you can contact the judges directly as such contact is
Your letter alsoindicates that you do not know what issues are raised in the case
but our records indicate that you have responded to the Complaint which sets out the
Plaintiff's allegations and prayer for relief so I therefore assume that you are acquainted
with the issues which have been raised. As to whether the Plaintiff's allegations are
true or merit relief, these issues will not be dealt with at the December 4,2012
Scheduling Conference but are instead decided in the course of later proceedings or
after a trial at which each side has had an opportunity to present evidence in the form of
documents or testimony and make arguments as to the proper disposition of the issues.
You also request that our court take certain actions, but please note that Judges
take actions based upon pleadings which are properly filed, and even then, only after
each interested party has had an opportunity to respond and be heard on the request.

Sending a letter to a judge is not filing a pleading in a case as pleadings are properly
filed with the Clerk of Court. Additionally, copies of anything sent to the Court for filing
must be provided to all other interested parties. As your letter does not indicate copies
were sent to the other parties I will provide them with a copy of your letter and this
Finally, with regard to your participation in the Scheduling Conference at 8:30
a.m. on December 4,2012, this is a civil case and it is your choice as to whether you
participate in this administrative hearing or any further hearings. If you do not appear,
the Court will proceed to establish scheduling without your input. We will, however,
send you a copy of any Order that is entered at that hearing.
Sincerely Yours, Dennis J. Smith (seal)
Cc: Jean Mary O'Connell Nader
Anthony Miner O'Connell
Sheila A. O'Connell
Elizabeth Chichester Morrogh, Esquire