Note 2

"2.  This represents interest earned in the estate account on the amount of the disbursement while the disbursal was delayed. This is to equalize the disbursements among the legatees." (Accounting entanglement $230.14)



1992.04.21   Missing $545,820. The cash payment of $545,820 to the Estate on April 21, 1992, is not mentioned and does not show is the accountings.

1992.04.22   (Edward White to Jean Nader)
"Enclosed is an agreement which should satisfy Tony as to the car. It cannot be any clearer.
Also enclosed is a preliminary analysis of the estate tax, which should be close to being accurate. I do need to check with Jo Ann Barnes as to a technical question as to whether or not any of your father's trust comes into this. I do not think it does, but there have been many changes in the law since that trust was established. I will have to ask her to bill us for that advice and any other technical tax matters I am not comfortable with. I can do most of the rest of the tax work and save the estate some money.
The executors' commission shown on the analysis is not figured on the value of the realty; however it does not include the 5% commission on the receipts of the estate in addition to the inventory.
In order to file that return and the subsequent Fiduciary Income tax return we will need an accounting from Tony from the date of his last accounting to the date of death. If he does not want to prepare it, I will not agree to any preliminary disbursal to him at all, and will seek your approval to file suit against him to compel the accounting, plus damages to the estate for his delay. Since that trust terminated on your mother's death, his final accounting is due now and not in October.
There will be no further explanations or written entreaties to him as far as I am concerned. He has the duty and he will perform it under a court order if necessary.
Of course he will furnish that receipt.
The preliminary analysis contains three alternatives on Accotink at the bottom for your consideration.
In the event that we do seek a reduction in the assessment Tony will be given written notice that his prompt cooperation is necessary and that if he fails to cooperate that he is aware of the adverse consequences to the estate and is responsible for them.
As far as further steps are concerned, we have a lot to do. No gift tax returns were filed for 1989 and 1991 which will have to be done. The results of those gifts are factored in under "Unified Credit used for gifts 9,784".
The paper trail in the court and IRS is as follows:
File Estate tax by June 15, 1992
File First Accounting (16 months after qualification but can be sooner)
Ask for posting of Debts and Demands against the estate.
File Fiduciary Income tax returns for period 9/15/91-9/15/92, due January 1, 1993.
File Motion for a Show Cause why distribution should not be made. Submit Show Cause Order.
Request Executor's exoneration letter from IRS and Virginia.
Obtain closing letter from IRS and Virginia as to estate tax returns.
File 1993 Fiduciary tax returns (Sept. 1992-distribution)
File for Order allowing distribution.
Distribute estate.
File Final Accounting.
Normally distribution is withheld until the Order of Distribution is entered. As I indicated the creditors have one year to press claims against the estate. No prudent executor will distribute before that period, the entry of the Order of Distribution and the receipt of the tax closing letters.
Sincerely, Edward J. White

1992.05.06   (Anthony O'Connell to Jean Nader) (Copy to Edward White)
"I will send you and Mr. White a copy of the court accounting from the trust for the period 1/1/91 thru 12/31/91 by the end of this month. If that is not soon enough please let me know and I will do what I can. It is all but complete but I want to go over it again and possible make some adjustments. The estate may owe the trust something. That would be to the beneficiaries benefit because that would avoid the estate tax so the eventual distribution to the beneficiaries would be greater. As you can see from the attached enclosure, the Commissioner of Accounts has advised me that this account is 'not due until 10-20-93.
If there is any other information Mr. White needs from the trust, he should write to me, the trustee, telling me what it is. If he is not willing to do this, I can not be responsible. Mr. White position as co-executor allows him no authority over the trust. He should not charge us extra to find that out. Please tell me if there is anything else you need besides the 1991 court accounting from the trust, or of any other way I can be of help to you. For a second opinion on anything, I would suggest you call Mr. Ed Prichard of McGuire, Woods, Battle & Boothe at (703) 712-5000. I will take care of any fees you incur.
Love, Anthony O'Connell "

1992.05.11 (Date I signed Trust's accounting for 1991prepared by Joanne Barnes (Fiduciary return (IRS Form 1041) and 7th Court account).

1992.05.14   (Edward White to Anthony O'Connell, copy to Jean Nader)
Enclosed is the Estate's check in the amount of $75,000.00 as a partial disbursement. Similar sums have been paid to Jean and Sheila. I have mailed an additional check to you in the amount of $230.14 to Jean to be signed. This represents interest at 4% (the bank rate on the estate account) from April 22, the day of the disbursements to Sheila and Jean, through May 20, 1992, approximately the day you should receive it from her.
Sincerely, Edward J. White"

1992.05.19   (Edward White to Anthony O'Connell, c/o E.A. Prichard, copy to Jean Nader)
"In your letter of May 6 to Jean you asked that I communicate with you with regard to the Harold O'Connell Trust.
I am trying to prepare the estate tax, and as usual in these cases, there are problems trying to understand the flow of debts and income.
I do have a few questions which are put forward simply so that the figures on the Trust's tax returns and accounting will agree with the estate's.
1. The K-1 filed by the Trust for 1991 showed income to your mother of $41,446.00. The Seventh Accounting appears to show a disbursement to her of $40,000.00 plus first half realty taxes paid by the trust for her and thus a disbursal to her of $1794.89. If these two disbursals are added the sum is $41,794.89. This leaves $348.89 which I cannot figure out. It could well be a disbursal of principal and not taxable.
2. The K-1 filed by the Trust showed a payment of $816.00 in interest to the estate. You sent a check in the amount of $1475.97 to the estate. What was the remaining $659.97? Do I have this confused with the tax debt/credit situation which ran from the Third Accounting?
3. On the Seventh Accounting "Income per 7th Account" is shown as $5181.71, but I cannot figure that one out either.
I am of the opinion that the estate owes the trust for the second half real estate taxes from September 15, 1991 through December 31, 1991 in the amount of $1052.35. This is shown on your accounting a disbursed to the heirs. Should this be paid back to the heirs or to the Trust?
I believe that the income received from the savings accounts from September 15 to the date the various banks made their next payment to the Trust (9/30 and 9/21) should be split on a per diem basis, since the Trust terminated on her death. This will be a small amount of course.
Are there any other debts which your Mother owed the Trust?
I realize that Jo Ann Barnes prepared this and if you authorize it I can ask her to help me out.
Please understand that I have no problem with the Accounting, I m just trying to match things up. In the long run, since the beneficiaries are the same, the matter is academic. Please send the bill for the appraisal whenever you receive it. Jean is filing the Fairfax form for re-assessment in her capacity as a co-owner in order to give us a better basis to get this assessment changed and to meet the county's deadline. It will state that the appraisal you have ordered will follow. I think this will be to all of your benefit in the long run.
Sincerely, Edward J. White"